48-Hour SPECIAL!

$77 per Year for Your New 3-part Funnel

- with 1 Year Custom Domain Name & eMail

- includes Basic Hosting



$7 per month DIY (NO Customization)

[This 48-Hour SPECIAL starts at 12:01 AM on the first Monday of every month and ENDS on the following Tuesday at 11:59 PM -- all through 2022]

What You Get..

3 pages

1 year YourDomain.com Domain Name

1 year Custom You@YourDomain.com email

US$300 Value = INCLUDED

US$15 Value = INCLUDED

US$24 Value = INCLUDED


Basic Website Hosting (3 pages)

SSL (Secure Website)

2,000 email capacity (email marketing)

Membership Site/Course Creator

US$5 per Month Value = INCLUDED

US$2 per Month Value = INCLUDED

US$15 per Month Value = INCLUDED

US$15 per Month Value = INCLUDED


When we are done, you'll have a funnel ready to capture your target audience email addresses, with a professional domain name and matching email.

3-Pages Includes: Landing page (100 words), Upsell or Downsell page (100 words), Thank You page (100 words).

Mini FAQ for this SPECIAL

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: This is a new service and we aim to build a name for ourselves, so we are giving away our introductory package at this firesale, rock-bottom price for 48-Hours ONLY each month.

Q: Do we offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes we do. If for any reason you are unhappy with our service you can get a refund minus the domain registration of US$15/JA$2,325 and the email fees of US$24/JA$3,720 (Which are non-refundable from the third party provider). (PLEASE NOTE: You will need to pay a transfer fee to transfer your domain name to the new domain registrar of your choice. PLUS Please note that all domains can only be transferred after 60 days).

Q: When is the US$77/JA$11,995 SPECIAL payment due?

A: This SPECIAL price is so low, it is lower than the US$125/JA$20,000 deposit we usually require when we do a job at our regular 5 page website price of US$500/JA$75,000. We made the price so low that it is a no brainer for people that can see the value we provide. But for this SPECIAL ONLY you may choose to pay a deposit of US$7/JA$1,995 for us to start the job. If you are satisfied with our work the balance of US$70/JA$10,000 becomes due. We will then issue you your password(s) upon your final payment.

Q: Are there any other costs after the US$77/JA$11,995?

A: We do not charge you a penny more. If your needs exceeds the FREE hosting quota, you may need to pay a monthly hosting fee. Also each year you will need to renew this plan but you will be locked in at this price and we can redesign your funnel if so desired.

Q: Who do we use as Host for the websites?

A: After years of trying many different hosting companies (including the popular ones). we have settled on 2 that we consider to be the very best:

The first specializes in GUI and has templates that can be customized similar to Wix, but they are far easier to use PLUS they give you a whole lot more for a whole lot less cost when you are ready to upgrade to one of their paid plans. You can visit them HERE=>

The second we use for WordPress.org sites. It is a spin-off from a multi-national hosting company that offer a special try before you buy option for small businesses around the world. They too offer a whole lot more for a whole lot less cost when you are ready to upgrade to one of their paid plans. You can visit them HERE=>

...MORE FAQ...


Pay by PayPal or Debit/Credit Card HERE =>

Once you've made payment, please

==> GO HERE & HERE <==

to fill out the 2 forms so that (between 72-240 hours) we can send you, your login information to your new funnel.

PLEASE NOTE: You can choose to pay ONLY $7 per month, but you will need to design/customize the funnel yourself.

(You will NOT get the custom funnel design service.)

If you have any Questions or Concerns, contact us on WhatsApp (305) 848-0337 9 am - 5 pm Eastern Time